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  • (502) 2290-8582 For Appointments In Guatemala
  • (305) 290-8050 For Callers From USA & Canada
  • Spanish, English
  • Centro Medico II, Clinic #503
    6th Avenue 3-22, zone 10
    Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America
  • Monday - Friday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, Saturday 8:00 to 1:00. Emergency care 24/7

Doctor's Profile

Dentists and sisters, Dra. Ana Magaly López de Rivera and Dra. María Regina López de Santos work together at the “Dental Spa” to give their patients double the care and attention toward the goal of creating a beautiful healthy smile. They have the gentle touch and delicate manner to treat young children or elderly patients, and everyone in between, with the comfort and patience that they deserve.

Both dentists offer 20 years of dental experience in various specialties, and with the latest in CAD/CAM technology, they can offer crowns and bridges to the highest standards of global quality. Newly developed methods and materials allow the patients faster service with fewer appointments, and the doctors appreciate the speed and precision of laser technology to create gorgeous dental restorations that could last a lifetime.

Many patients, both residents and travelers, like the convenience of having the “Dental Spa” clinic located at Centro Medico in the downtown medical district of Guatemala City, and also in Antigua, in partnership with Dr. Samuel Oliva. There is a third “Dental Spa” location at Las Majadas on Roosevelt Boulevard.

Dra. Maria Regina says, “We love this part of our work – performing together as a team to give our patients the best possible service, with each one of us doing what we do best. Patients are more calm and confident knowing that what was promised is done correctly and completely, so that both the doctors and patients can be satisfied with reliable high-quality results.”

According to Dra. Ana Magaly, “The most important part of our service is the responsibility to treat each patient as an individual. Our good work serves to improve their physical and emotional well-being. It’s not enough to be well, but to feel confident and look attractive too, enjoying all aspects of your quality of life.”

In conclusion, the doctors quote Ms. Maya Angelou, a famous American poet, to share their sentiments about their patient relationships… “I have learned that people will forget what you say, and they will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Professional Affiliations

Academia Internacional de Odontología Integral. International Academy of Integral Dentistry

  • Curso Internacional: Emprendimiento, Motivación, Liderazgo, mayo de 2017
  • International Course on Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Leadership, Guatemala City, May of 2017.

Sociedad Dental de Guatemala, Colegio Estomatológico de Guatemala, Jornada Internacional. Dental Society of Guatemala, International Charity Mission

  • Magaly López de Rivera: Premio por su dedicada gestión como tesorera. 1998
  • Award for her dedication as treasurer of the misión, 1998

Colgate – Palmolive Dental Health Unit

Spokesperson. Vocero

Academic Affiliations

Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Odontologia

  • Ana Magaly López: Curso Internacional de Ortodoncia Certificación, São Paulo Brasil, 2005

Universidad de San Carlos, Facultad de Odontología, Guatemala. University of San Carlos Dental School

  • María Regina López: Cirujano Dentista, 1995. Degree in Dental Surgery, 1995
  • Ana Magaly López: Programa de Estudios Post-grado de Odontología Restaurativa, octubre 2009. Post-graduate Studies in Restorative Dentistry, Oct. 2009.
  • Ana Magaly López: Cirujano Dentista, 1988Degree in Dental Surgery, 1988


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Manual de Ablactación o Destete del Niño”

  • Publicado por la Asociación Pediátrica de Guatemala y Abbott

Special Interests

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Applying Health Coaching in our practice has helped our patients to be an active part in their treatment, motivating them to share responsibility for their success.


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I have seen Dr. Ana Lopez several times in all three of her service locations.  I really needed a dentist that I could trust and who is very gentle. I am so satisfied with the results of my dental work. She and her office colleagues I found to be very professional and considerate. I also found that her facilities to be up to date.  I would and have recommend anyone to have their dental work done.

Nancy Watkins, IDC Missions, La Antigua, Guatemala

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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Public service and caring for the less fortunate is a way of life in the Latin American culture

Fundación Operaciones Sonrisa de Guatemala.
The “Smile Operations” Foundation of Guatemala

Sonrisas for Smiles – For each patient who has a

Patient Success Stories

Every patient has different circumstances and expectations. We will tell you about an interesting and unusual case that the doctor was able to turn around with unexpectedly outstanding results

Miss Valeria came to Guatemala in 2016 to give a conference for a prestigious pharmaceutical company. She was in her Guatemala City hotel room the day before the event when she suffered a dental fracture, losing half of her upper back tooth. She could not possibly give a speech to an auditorium of doctors with half of her tooth missing, and she worried about getting high-quality emergency dental care in a foreign country.

Fortunately, Valeria’s business colleague is a regular patient of ours, and called us right away to get the tooth fixed immediately. We prepared her tooth, then took an impression, and placed a temporary crown. With CAD/CAM dental manufacturing technology we were able to place her permanent aesthetic crown the next day, before the conference started.

Our patient was so grateful to have a newly restored tooth, that she shared her story with her audience, and congratulated the Guatemalan dental professionals for their commitment to service and excellence.