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Procedures and Treatments:

Restorative Dentistry
Replacement Teeth
Endodontics – Root canals
Dental Aesthetics
Braces / Brackets
Maxillofacial surgery
Cone Beam Tomography
Dental Implants
Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Solutions for Sleep Apnea and Snoring
Cavities – fillings
Crowns of porcelain or zirconia

Doctor's Profile

Dr. Rafael Mejicano Soto, DDS is well-known throughout Central America and South America as a ground-breaking leader in the optimization of dental quality and efficiency for patients from all over the world. With the latest technology, cutting-edge materials, outstanding medical talent, and a wonderfully comforting sense of humor, Dr. Mejicano integrates all of his resources to provide the finest quality results that his patients can depend on for years to come.

Dr. Mejicano is a proud member of the “Digital Smile Design” concept, which presents to the world a whole new concept of dentistry. With computers and lasers doing the production work, DSD allows for the dentist to be more collaborative and artistic, inviting the patient to be the designer of his or her own natural, healthy and confident smile. Dr. Mejicano uses state-of-the-art NemoDSD guided surgery software to plan extractions, bone grafts, implant placement and peri-gingival treatment with maximum precision to assure absolute accuracy and security.

Centro Dental is a showcase dental clinic, encompassing three levels in the west wing of Hospital Multimedica in zona 15 of Guatemala City, one of the best-equipped dental centers in all of Central America. Ten collaborating dental specialists have treated 45,000 successful patients in the past twenty years. Digital diagnostics, operating rooms, sterilization protocols, and clinical instrumentation regularly meet or surpass the highest global quality standards. On-site laboratory means we don’t have to wait for restorations like crowns and bridges to come back from the lab. In addition, their proprietary dental laboratory utilizes materials and techniques that were just perfected and released from developmental research labs in recent years.

Dr. Mejicano has been a valuable contributor to the success of Centro Dental for 16 years, with over 2000 successful implant placements. Dental crowns and bridges can be provided in just one day using a digital oral scanner and CAD/CAM computer-assisted design. Periodontal and implant surgery is precisely planned using quick and easy x-ray and tomography scan diagnostic results, on-site in the same clinic.

When your dentist diagnoses apnea or snoring problems, he can usually diminish the problem by 20-30% with an inexpensive maxillofacial appliance. The two-week therapy could work wonders to help you sleep better and avoid surgery.

Inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns and fillings are restorations that cover different areas of the tooth, usually repairing a damaged section, and are used for a variety of reasons. They could be made of natural-colored white resin, or the far more durable porcelain or ceramic. Dr. Mejicano is offering a brand new material:  IVOCLAR flowable restorative dental composite.  When properly cared for these dental restorations can last for decades.

It is the goal of every dental specialist to preserve natural tooth structure and maintain long-term oral health. Dr. Mejicano says, “I measure my success by the patient’s level of satisfaction. With all the latest technology at my fingertips, in my clinic, I can achieve the results we want quickly and beautifully.”

Dr. Mejicano is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of his training and knowledge with the forty various employees of Centro Dental. Inspiring higher achievement in others is the sign of a truly effective and compassionate leader.

Professional Affiliations

Miami Anatomical Research Center – MARC

  • International Course in Facial Anatomy and Esthetic Excellence, Miami, June 2018. Curso Internacional en Anatomía Facial y Excelencia Estética

International Academy for Dental-Facial Aesthetics
The ADFE is an honorary service organization whose mission is to foster interdisciplinary relationships and cooperative education in the area of facial aesthetics

  • Attendee, Greater New York Dental Meeting. The largest and most popular dental meeting in the United States
  • Reunión de Dentistas en Nueva York. El congreso más popular y grande de los EEUU. Nov 2016
  • VIP Guest

Academia Internacional de Odontología Integral (AIOI) International Academy of Integral Odontology

  • Special Presenter
  • Guatemalan Representative to the New York City Convention, Planned for October 2017
  • Diplomado en Odontología Integral, Rio Bamba, Ecuador, 2014
  • President, Guatemala Chapter 2014-1017

AGEXPORT, Association of Guatemalan Exporters, Guatemala City

  • Presidente de la Comisión de Turismo de Salud y Bienestar. President of the Commission of Health and Wellness Tourism, 2014-2015
  • First Vocal, advisor for president, 2015-2017
  • Tesorero de la Comisión de Turismo de Salud y Bienestar, Treasurer of the Commission of Health and Wellness Tourism, 2011-2012
  • Presidente de la Comisión de Turismo de Salud y Bienestar. President of the Commission of Health and Wellness Tourism, 2008-2009

Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Odontología Dominicana – CONAOD

  • Presentor Honrado, conferencia titulada “Gingivectomia con Laser de Diodo”.
  • Honored presentor of a conference titled “Gingivectomy with Diode Laser”, Nov 2015

Dentistas Sin Fronteras, Guatemala. Dentists Without Borders, Guatemala

  • Sub-director, 2002 to present

Formación Odontológica de Recursos y Métodos Avanzados – FORMA
Dental Training of Advanced Methods and Resources.

  • Vocal I, 2001 a la fecha. Instructor, 2001 to present

Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad – INTECAP
Technical Institute of Training and Productivity

  • Catedrático para la capacitación de asistentes dentales. Instructor of dental assistants. 2001 to the present.

Academia Europea de Estética Dental en Zúrich

  • Active Member. Miembro Activo

Academia Internacional Odontología Integral – Capítulo Guatemala

  • Presidente. President 2011-2013

Semanarias Odontológicos Latino Americanos – SOLA

  • SOLA Internacional – Presidente, 1999-2001
  • SOLA Guatemala – Presidente, 1998-2000
  • Miembro del Comité Organizador del Congreso, 1997
  • Coordinador de Protocolo de la 3ra Cumbre
  • Miembro Fundador. Founding Member, 1995
  • 7mo. Congreso Internacional de SOLA. Cuzco, Perú. 1996
  • 1er Congreso SOLA Guatemala. Ciudad de Guatemala. 1997

Universidad Mariano Gálvez Facultad de Odontología, Guatemala. University Medical School

  • Alargamiento de Corona Clínica, 2004
  • Presidente del Comité Organizador del 8vo. Día Científico de la de 1998

Academia Europea de Odontología Estética. European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

  • Convention Presentor, “One day Apointment for Composite Inlay Restorations”, Venice, Italy, 2004

Colegio Estomatológico de Guatemala. Periodoncia en la Practica Integral de Grupo. 2005

Convention Participation, Symposia, and Workshops:

Academia de Odontología Integral. V Congreso Internacional. Mendoza, Argentina, 2010
Seminarios Odontológicos Latinoamericanos. Perú 2010 y Venezuela 2009 y Mexico 2007
World Medical Tourism Global World Congress (MTA) San Francisco. 2008 & 2010
Odontomerco. Curitiba, Brasil 2009 y Cali, Colombia 2010
Symposium of Restorative Periodontics and Odontology, Boston, MA 2004
Academy of Esthetic Odontology, Convention Attendee, Washington, DC, 2001
Asociación Geriátrica Guatemalteca, Odontología Geriátrica, 2002
Asociación Peruana de Prótesis Dental y Maxilofacial. XIVII Jornada, Lima, Perú, 1998

Guatemala universidad mariano galvez

Academic Affiliations

Universidad São Leopoldo Mandic, Campinas, Brazil

  • Doctorándose Doctoral candidate PhD – Dental Implant Specialist, due in June 2018
  • Investigador en Biologia Molecular. Researcher in Molecular Biology

Universidad San Pablo de Guatemala

  • Maestría en Odontología Restaurativa, 2015

Docencia y Asistencia en Tratamientos Odontológicos – DATO, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Curso Rehabilitación Oral de Alta Complejidad
    Course in Highly Complex Oral Rehabilitation. 2009

Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. Bauru, Brasil

  • Cirujano Dentista, 2001
  • Perfeccionamiento en Periodoncia. Specialized Degree in Periodontics 2001

Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia Fundación de Recurso y Métodos Avanzados, Guatemala.

  • Perfeccionamiento en Rehabilitación Oral y Estética, 2003
  • Specialized Degree in Aesthetic and Oral Rehabilitation 2003

Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala

  • Licenciatura y Cirujano Dentista Medical degree in Dental Surgery, 2004

Fahl Arte e Ciência en Odontología Estética. Curitiba, Brasil, 2001, Fundado por Dr. Newton Fahl

  • Atingiendo la Excelencia con Resinas Compuestas. Achieving Excellence with Composite Resins

Entrenamiento Avanzado Mundial. Advanced Training World-wide:

Cerámicas – Marca IPS d – Sign, IPS Empress 2. Shaan, Liechtenstein, 2002
Adjuncts – Marca CEKA y Preci-Line. Amberes Bélgica. Belgium 2002
Materiales Laboratorios – CEREC 3 y CEREC in lab. Brencheim, Alemania. Germany 2002
Cerámicas – Marca EMPRESS-ERIS. Shaan, Liechtenstein, 2002
Colocación Mini-Implantes, Placement of Mini-Implants DEWIMED. Frankfurt, Alemania Germany 2008



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Importancia del Diagnóstico: Estático Dinámico del Sistema Masticatorio

  • Publicado por Al Dente: Revista de Odontología Guatemala, 2014
  • Co-autor: Dr. Rafael Mejicano Soto

Congreso Internacional de la Asociación Odontología Dominicana – CONAOD

Congreso de al Academia Europea de Odontologia Estetica, Venecia, Italia, Venice, Italy 2004

“One Day Appointment for Composite Inlay Restorations” in conjunction with the Mesa Clinic in Cartagena, España, Spain 2004

Periodico de INGUAT – Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo. Marzo 2009

“Que es Turismo Medico” escrito por Dr Rafael Mejicano. “What is Medical Tourism?” Written by Dr Rafael Mejicano

Special Interests

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Dr. Mejicano wants to share these powerful videos with his patients, to illustrate his inspiration toward personal growth and excellence.

Carol Dweck – “The Power of Believing You Can Improve”
Embracing and Engaging with a “Growth Mindset”.

Brené Brown – “The Power of Vulnerability”
Neurobiological Connection is Why We Are Here.



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Charity, Public Service, Donations

Public service and caring for the less fortunate is a way of life in the Latin culture

 Dr. Rafael Mejicano has been devoted to offering his medical talent and genuine kindness to the remote dental clinic in Rio Dulce: Ak’Tenamit  as a supporter and friend of the Rotary Clubs International in Guatemala City, for the past 20 years.

According to their website:
“Ak’ Tenamit’s floating dental clinic makes free dental care available in the Rio Dulce region. The clinic is led by a Q’eqchi’ dental technician and supported by foreign volunteers. Our dental program treats patients from Ak’ Tenamit’s headquarters and travels to visit 18 Q’eqchi communities along the Río Dulce river system. The dental clinic treats 1500 patients annually, with regular cleanings, cavity fillings, root canals, extractions, dentures, and crowns.

The dental boat is an old Catamaran houseboat and was privately donated and specially outfitted by Rotary Clubs in Guatemala and the United States. Our clinic is the only public dental care available to the rural villages we serve as well as the entire Livingston area.”

You can volunteer or donate to this worthy cause by following this link and supporting Dr. Mejicano to help thousands of Guatemalans who are lacking proper dental care.

Voluntario de Odontologia Social En la Aldea de Chanmagua, municipio de Esquipulas, departamento de Chiquimula, Guatemala, 2003. Volunteer in Social Works in the village of Chanmagua in Chiquimula Guatemala.

  • Con el departamento de Odontología Socio-preventiva de la Facultad de Odontología  U.S.A.C
  • Program of the Social Dental Services Department of San Carlos University, Guatemala City
  • Dr. Mejicano trabajó más de 1800 horas de caridad en dedicación a la gente de Chiquimula
  • Dr Mejicano devoted over 1800 hours of charity work in dedication to the people of Chiquimula