Affordable Dental Care with a Florida-to-Guatemala Commute

Guatemala Medical Travel newsletter, August 2016

Working for the airline has it’s perks – like free flights to local and foreign destinations. Jim and Laura can take advantage of a short 2-hour-20-minute trip from Miami to GUA, plus they can schedule appointments for superior high-tech dental procedures only 10 minutes away from the airport.

In the elegant and spacious Dental Design clinic of Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro, foreign patients and frequent travelers know they will receive world-class quality dental materials and the warm VIP welcome offered to honored friends and guests – old, and new.

Come back in a couple weeks for bridges and crowns, or in a couple months to finish implants? Not a problem. Guatemala Medical Travel arranges for airport pick-up and personal services, even dinners and tours. After final adjustments on their new restorations, Jim and Laura head home from vacation with more than vacation souvenirs and memories. They have healthy teeth and glowing smiles that will last for twenty years.

From Laura…. “Just wanted to thank you again for all you do! We had a really great experience with everything in Guatemala! I have referred you (Guatemala Medical Travel) and the dentists (Dr. Contreras and Dr. Alfaro) to several people already, including my parents, who just may be coming for periodontal cleanings. !! After having the first phase of the implants, I’m feeling great! I’m having minimal pain but under control with meds and I slept fine. I’m doing great – All in all, everything is better than expected!”


christopher mitchell

I am very interested in visiting Dr Contreras’ office within the month. I need an extraction on #31 and bone grafting (to prep for a future implant), and an implant done on #30, with crown (temp?). I need to know cost in advance however so I can budget for flight etc.

Jade Parker-Manderson

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for your interest in visiting Dr Contreras. If you email him directly on this email address with your request for costs on the procedures you need, he will be able to provide you quote. He speaks perfect English so you can write in English.

His full profile and office details can be viewed on his profile:


Central America Medical Partners


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